11130278_10203924755821242_8073416075789993420_n13202_10203924751341130_4679505869792240300_n 13214_10203924749821092_2541977450633456851_n 17201_10203924752661163_5280842485741432288_n 10380751_10203924752261153_3579207750312276793_n 10502486_10203924753781191_3518979923405257816_n 10710975_10203924756421257_8535668885914495932_n 10981613_10203924754781216_6505704973958254705_n 10983353_10203924752101149_6782667000997899986_n 10986669_10203924751581136_1414247600626576420_n 11012111_10203924753501184_3739587462834738080_n 11016952_10203924750421107_4404730843935654528_n 11024612_10203924750741115_3034926601679477987_n 11038928_10203924754061198_2027953244258127781_n 11052425_10203924754421207_6466768846333159795_n 11053340_10203924755261228_1382180763335010457_n 11081468_10203924755621237_5800829503467035375_n 11127205_10203924750941120_3716911499854989770_n 11129896_10203924755101224_8117271219124468176_nHuntington beach, Disneyland, Beverly Hills… does it get any better than that? In February, me and my friends decided to go on a spontaneous trip to California. Best. trip. ever. I had the time of my life hanging out with these girls for a few days. It was so great to get away from school for a little while and relax and just have some fun. The trip definitely had it’s faults though… I lost my debit card, Shelby lost her cell phone, we had countless GPS malfunctions and one of my other friends even ended up in the ER at one point. BUT despite all of this, I would still consider this trip more than a success.   bnmbnm

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