IMG_1494.jpgDSC_0233DSC_0505DSC_0495DSC_0491DSC_0474DSC_0479DSC_0481If you think about it, It’s a pretty strange concept that although we have advanced to incredible measures in our society over the span of history, there are still some phenomenons that we simply do not have a complete explanation for.

We are so used to knowing all of the answers, or being able to easily access those answers, that it’s hard to fathom that there are wonders of the world that we can’t say we have 100% full understanding of.

There are endless theories about Stonehenge, but we can’t necessarily say with a complete surety that we know exactly why these huge rocks were arranged in the way that they were, in the location that they are. And although it may be frustrating to accept the notion that we don’t have all of the answers (and honestly, we may never), it’s pretty cool that people in the past have left us with real life mysteries to unfold and arrange together pieces of the puzzle as time evolves. DSC_0498

Screen Shot 2015-10-07 at 10.21.56 PM

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