The London Diaries: Stourhead


Okay, okay… I realize that I have been back from my study abroad for, oh, 5 months now and yes I STILL have not blogged everything… but hey, better late than never, right?

(And this place was way too gorgeous not to post about.)

On one of our day trips we went to Stourhead gardens. I honestly didn’t know much about the place except that parts of the Kierra Knightley Pride and Prejudice were filmed here.

So basically all I needed to know in order for me to become ecstatic.

DSC_0139I was blown away by how breathtaking this place was. The weather was perfect, which is pretty rare in England, and the workers kept telling us how lucky we were to get to see the gardens on such a beautiful day. DSC_0140DSC_0198This place is where the scene was filmed where Mr. Darcy tells Elizabeth that he loves her and asks for her hand in marriage, but she rejects him.

To this day, I still have not watched that scene without swooning at Mr. Darcy’s adoration for her, while simultaneously internally fist pumping at Lizzy’s response.


6500b438593cfa7784f24e1ee2e3b2db.gifDSC_0236DSC_0239DSC_0244It’s safe to say we were pretty stoked about it. DSC_0249DSC_0252DSC_0257DSC_0303DSC_0307DSC_0359DSC_0364We also may have taken a moment to pull up the movie and watch that scene while we were there. No shame. DSC_0183.JPG

Screen Shot 2015-10-07 at 10.21.56 PM