The London Diaries: Brighton

Our first Saturday here we decided to take a train down to Brighton. It was a super last minute decision but it was honestly so worth it. Brighton is beautiful. It’s a cute and quirky small town full of shops and markets. On top of that you have the gorgeous seashore and pier.

I loved everything about the town…except the birds.

I have never really had a fear of birds until I came to Brighton. We were warned beforehand that the birds were extremely aggressive, but I didn’t think it would be that bad.

Oh, how it was.

The seagulls would basically circle the pier searching for food. And when someone would accidentally drop some of their food, or when some kid would throw them some to eat… it was war. The birds would swarm in on the food like it was a million bucks. I have never seen birds act so insane.

I started getting really paranoid of these birds whenever I would eat because as soon as you would pull out food they would start moving towards you.

Also, this little girl  next to us got her sandwich stolen right off of her plate by a bird, and so that didn’t help my anxiety either.

Besides the seagull situation, I loved Brighton so much. It was so fun to walk around the small town for a day. I would definitely consider going back… if I ever work up the courage to face those psycho birds again, that is.
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The London Diaries: Tower Bridge, Graffiti walls, and Borough Market

In one of our classes, we are required to take walks around the city that spotlight different parts of London.

It’s so rad.

We get graded on going out and seeing the incredible city that we already love. It’s cool to get to see different parts of London that we probably wouldn’t get to see if we were just visiting for a few weeks. We already get to see the tourist-y places like Big Ben and Oxford Circus just by being here, but on top of that we also are getting to know the lesser known places like certain neighborhoods and back alleys.

Okay “back alleys” is not the right word, but you get the idea.

On this particular day we saw the Tower of London, Tower Bridge, London Bridge, Southwark Cathedral, and St. Paul’s. While going from sight to sight we saw gorgeous sceneries and some stunning architecture.

Basically a 19 year old girl with a camera’s dream.

Tower of London
Tower Bridge

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Borough Market

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The London Diaries: Hello London!

My first couple of days in London were unreal.

I constantly had to remind myself that this wasn’t a dream, and that one of my lifelong wishes were actually coming true.

Although I was exhausted, I got lost almost immediately, and I felt extremely overwhelmed at the amount of brand new people I was going to be living with and the general unfamiliarity of the environment, I was mostly just stoked to be there.

It was crazy to think to myself that I was actually studying abroad in LONDON, something I had dreamt of for as long as I could remember, and here I was living that dream.

DSC_1289 DSC_1286DSC_1251 DSC_1259 DSC_1262 DSC_1273 DSC_1266Noteworthy experiences of my first few days included:

1- Getting off on the wrong tube station after leaving the airport and having to trek 4 miles across hyde park with all of my luggage…  I was sore for days, folks.

2- Seeing platform 9 3/4 on September 1 (Harry Potter’s 1st day at Hogwarts: A historical moment for Harry Potter enthusiasts everywhere.)

3- Discovering that ice cream is ten times better in Europe.

4- Discovering that jet lag is a real thing.

5- Seeing Big Ben, Oxford Street and the London Eye for the first time.


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