My name is Adri Ojuka, and I have always had a fascination with story telling. Whether it be through the lenses of a camera, words on a page, or graphics on a screen, I thrive off of learning about other people and cultures, and showcasing their stories in ways that help other people to learn about and care about them too.

I’m a junior at Brigham Young University studying Public Relations. I love being apart of one of the top PR programs in the country, and I’m excited to graduate in April 2019 and go out into the workforce. I’ve loved my time at BYU, and my experiences have included internships with Ashoka and The House That Lars Built, as well as campaign directing through BYUSA. Some of the skills that I’ve been able to gain the most experience are social media, writing, SEO, video editing and graphic design.

Being raised by parents who grew up in rural Uganda, I’ve always felt a push to give back to struggling communities who haven’t had the same opportunities as myself. It’s one of my greatest desires to use my skills and experiences within PR to allow me to do so. I’m passionate about life and I’m excited to continue on storytelling.

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